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In September, Aimee from Twigg Studios and I taught a 3-day food styling and food photography workshop in my home 'studio' in London. It followed on from our 3-day workshop which we taught back in March this year; we enjoyed it so much we decided to do it all again and am I glad we did; we had SUCH a good time.

So much so that we thought it would be nice to have YOU take a look at what went down, just in case you're thinking about attending one of our food photography workshops in the future ;). Ok then, without further ado, let's get stuck in, shall we?



The morning 1

After tea, vegan cake and introductions I started the day by teaching our lovely workshop attendees about camera settings and about controlling light to help take the best shots possible. Camera basics such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture can seem daunting, but the students absorbed the information provided like sponges, worked hard and put all their learning into practice not just on day one but on all the days that followed too. I feel their growing knowledge of their camera's potential really showed in their photography afterwards (so much talent!).

Once technicalities had been dealt with, we took some time to explore the importance of composition, prop and backdrop selection. By styling a breakfast scene (below), I showed the students how to bring all that we'd learned so far together. Students had a chance to put their new camera skills into action before being asked to style and photograph their own breakfast scene. 

Next the workshop attendees focused on photographing a bean stew (see below), to challenge their photography skills further. Aimee and I allowed ample time for some questions before heading to a nearby restaurant for lunch where we enjoyed a 2-course vegan meal especially prepared for us. BLISS!

 What you can learn at a food photography and food styling workshop - The Little Plantation
 Learn to style and photography food - the Little Plantation

The afternoon 1

Aimee led the afternoon food photography session during which she talked everyone through the hows and whys of styling a cake to perfection, demonstrating in the way only she can, how to make a vegan spiced caramelised apple cake look as delicious as it tasted! YUM! BTW you can now find the irresistable recipe for this autumnal cake AND Aimee's take on the day here.

After heaps more photographic opportunities, the students went home with their bellies full of cake and a kick-ass goody bag (more about our goody bags below:)).

 Leanr to style and photography cake - The Little Plantation blog


The morning 2

After tea and more vegan cake we dove into day 2 (my fav!). I led the morning session during which we spoke about how to create visual storyboards. Furthermore, we explored in depth why planning a shoot is so important in the world of visual story telling.

Aimee kindly prepared some scrumptious vegan pumpkin gyoza dumplings and we styled the story (from mushroom to gyoza) together with the students. I took SO many shots it was hard to choose which ones to include in today's post, but here are just some of my favourites....

 Leanr to style and photograph food - The Little Plantation
 Learn to style and photography food - The Little Plantation

The afternoon 2

After all that hard work we felt we deserved a beautiful lunch. So, following a quick taxi ride to a stylish nearby pub, we got ready to EAT! At the pub the chefs cooked the best vegan gnocchi EVER served with some green sides, laughter and FAB conversation. 

Nourished and full Aimee lead the afternoon session during which she talked us though her editing process in photoshop and lightroom. Students were then given time to edit their pictures with our support before they went on their merry way with yet another INCREDIBLE goody bag. 

 Learn to style and photography food, London - The Little Plantation


The morning 3

Aimee led the morning session, teaching everyone how to create the dark and moody shots she's so well known for. Two different scenes were created for the students to really push their creativity and ability with their camera - a miso bowl (scene 1) and a homage to Autumnal produce from the garden ;) (scene 2). Students brought all that they'd learned the previous 2 days together to create some stunning shots! 

Just like day one and two of the food styling workshop, the morning flew by and before long it was lunch time! We took a short stroll to a nearby sourdough pizza place where we all tucked into our (vegan) pizzas. Sooooo goooooodddd!!! 

 Learn dark food photography workshop - the Little Plantation


The afternoon 3

I was honoured to be able to finish the afternoon and with that the workshop talking about all things social media, instagram and blogging. The 2 hours we had for this topic flew by and a LOT of stimulating conversation was had. I shared all I've learned about blogging over the past 3 years as well as everything I know about instagram.

Once again the students left with a goody bag filled to the brim with useful, delicious and gorgeous food related gifts.


Before I leave you with some more info about what to do if you'd like to attend one of my workshops in 2018 or want my help to start a blog and grow your instagram, I want to give a massive big shout out to our AMAZING sponsors: We could NOT have done this without you and I am CONVINCED our attendees had the best goody bags EVER all thanks to your generosity!!!

And also a big big BIG thank you to our talented, patient and inspiring attendees. It was an honour to have you as our students and please keep us posted on your creative adventures. I can't wait to hear about your successes Melissa from Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen, Louise from Wild Things Flowers, Dani from The Social Kitchen, Viktoria Kalicki, Elissa from Blue Kiwj and Catia from Pastalab Tuscany


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