‘Mama, can we ppplllleeeaaassssee make some lemonade? Pllleeaassee?’ My son asked as he gave me his best, cheeky smile and batted his enviable long eye-lashes.

‘Yes of course!’ I said.

(Some more smiles and excited giggles followed, in case you were wondering).

So, hubby, my son and I got to work and the outcome of our nice, spontaneous team effort is this looker of a drink, full of vitamin C and minty freshness courtesy of our herb garden.

I can’t think of a better drink to enjoy whilst watching the World Cup. Can you ;)?

IMG 9120lemonade110614

Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

Serves: 1 greedy big person and 1 modest little person

4 lemons
2 limes
4 (organic) mint leaves
5-7 tbs (organic) sugar (see TIPS for substitutions)
3 cups of water

IMG 9139lemonade110614

Juice the lemons and limes – this should give you about a cup of juice.
Pour the lemon/lime juice, nectar, mint leaves and water into a blender. I use a vitamix but any blender should do the trick for this recipe.
Blend until nicely combined and there is a little bit of froth on top. Taste for sweetness and add water or add some more sugar if need be.
Serve in a tall glass with lots of ice! Simples!

Tip1: You can easily replace the sugar with xylobrit (if you are particularly concerned about dental health). Then taste the lemonade and either add some more water if you find it is too sweet or add another 2tbs if it’s not sweet enough!
Tip2: You can also just use lemons or just limes, but I like the combination of the two!

IMG 9128lemonade110614