I'll be the first to admit that my blog has been a neglected space of late. But rest assured it's been left to its own devices for good, good reason. Sadly I still can't reveal a thing (SO sorry, trust me, I'm DYING to tell you), all I can say is that 'the reason' has involved an epically long commute (2 hours each way!!!) which I've only survived thanks to some of the best podcasts in the world (modest claim, I know). Therefore I thought I'd share my top 5 favourite podcasts on the blog today, perfect for your commute, long-haul flight and/or cosy, cuddly evening in front of an open fire with a cup of herbal tea. Wherever you are, I am sure you'll enjoy these :). So without further ado (and because I love organising things in lists) here goes...

5. One Part Podcast - This is one of the very first podcasts I ever listened to. Jessica Murnane, a plant-based food blogger, interviews an array of movers and shakers in the world of food, health, spirituality and business. My favourite episodes include this one with Grace Bonney from Design Sponge, this one with my fav AKA the man Dr Thomas Campbell, and this one with Ashlae Warner from Oh Ladycakes! If you're into food blogs and questions about the connection between food and health then there's bound to be an episode for you :).

4. Prince Street Podcast - This is a relatively new podcast all about FOOD! Why we love it, how we make it, who the people are behind it, and what emotions eating it evokes in us. The podcast is this odd mixture of informative, serious, funny and totally weird (interested in a report on competitive eating anyone?). Episodes follow themes such as 'craving', 'triumph' or my favourite so far 'rule breaking'. So if you love food as much as I do, then you'll love this podcast;).

3. Dear Sugar Podcast - The dear sugar podcast is like a true, old school agony aunt column, just re-jigged to make it relevant for audiences in the 21st century. Like traditional agony aunt columns, listeners get to write letters to the show's presenters outlining an array of problems and dilemmas they wish to get advice about. Though I can barely relate to any of the topics or problems presented in the show, I have still found the podcast immensely helpful especially in the last year during which my life has taken rather odd twists and turns (I kinda wrote about those here and here). That's because I can relate to the emotions described by the letter writers - sorrow, doubt, pain, fear all the stuff you sometimes feel no one can understand and no one is going through except you. So yeah, if you need to get confirmation that your crazy, silly, deep, intense thoughts are just normal do have a listen ;).