''When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty'' - Thomas Jefferson

I am acutely aware that over the last few weeks my instagram feed has been either incredibly quiet or dominated by what dominated my life - The Women's March on London. Despite the fact that I'm keen not to make my food blog be more political than it already is (it's a vegan food blog, y'all. I mean, that in itself speaks volumes), I have also always used this space as an on-line, public, open diary to explore and express my thoughts and feelings.

So what can I say? Just that we - a handful of ordinary women - came together now, 11 weeks ago to try and make a positive difference. To stand in solidarity with those groups of people who were attacked and marginalised, demonised and hurt in one of the most vicious and divisive presidential campaigns ever. To raise awareness and consciousness and to bring people together. We never expected a turnout of 100,000 people in what police described as one of the most peaceful and positive marches ever (no arrests in London, if you're wondering). We never expected the outpouring of support we received. We never expected that this march would mean so much to so many people, many of whom were still distressed about the Brexit vote. We never expected that the march and rally would have such a profoundly positive impact, especially on young women, many of whom left inspired and uplifted. What we also hadn't expected was the huge amount of hatred and animosity that would be directed at us in the days leading up to and after the march. It's incredibly you guys, I won't go into details, but trolls are SO disgusting.

We also hadn't expected that we would need to 'justify' our march or our motivation to march (mainly to men, I hasten to add, though some women too). But most of all, I'd never expected to feel this huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders the day after the march. So many questions started to suddently formulate in my mind: What do we do now? How can we ensure that 100,000 people didn't march in vain? How can we continue to protect those most in need? How can we keep going when we're exhausted and wanting to find our way back to our old, 'normal' lives? How could we have been so naive as to think that one march would be enough?

I never ever thought I'd be an activist (I'm just like YOU, trust me), but I'm riding this wave that destiny has swept my way and am not afraid to see where it takes me. Tired, yes, but afraid, no. And now that resistance and everyday activism are my new normal, I've decided to embrace it and run with it because we STILL want our voices to be heard. Because we know that many people want to continue to protect human rights and be a part of this 'movement'. Because we will not go away until this terror STOPS. Because we won't let history repeat itself.

I will most likely not mention politics on the blog again (hopefully), but if I'm absent or quiet, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm plotting away with the rest of the girls - peacefully, positively but with hella determination! Because this is no time for retreating. This is a time for action!

Thanks for reading everyone.
See you in 2 weeks time.

P.S. If you'd like to support The Women's March on London, please e-mail us at womensmarchlondon(at)gmail(dot)com or if you want to do 'something' then check our 10 actions in 100 days on the website for ideas and suggestions, cuz remember politics is by the people, for the people; and that means YOU ;).


Through work and my general obsession with food, I come across new cookbooks ALL. THE. TIME. And I can count on 1, at most 2 hands the books I get really, really excited about. So excited that I take the book to bed for in-depth reading and general 'research'. So excited that I plan my week around creating certain dishes from said book. So excited that I wake up in the middle of the night and jot down a quick shopping list to ensure I have the right ingredients to get cracking in the kitchen the following day. So excited that I look at the photos again and again and again and.... It's pathetic, but you get the picture.

Books that fall into that category of they-make-my-heart-skip-a-beat-i-love-them-so-much include Sarah Britton's book MY NEW ROOTS and Amy Chaplin's book AT HOME IN THE WHOLEFOOD KITCHEN, both gems and must-haves if you ask me. And I can honestly say that Nina Olsson's new book BOWLS OF GOODNESS firmly falls into that camp as well because it's special, beautiful and unique.

So I guess the question on your minds is, what makes it so amazing? Well...
1. There's the to-die-for photography in Nina's signature style.
2. The recipes are so creative, fun, adventurous and really different. Sure, Nina includes old favourites like overnight oats and vegan chocolate mousse, but mostly her flavour combinations and recipes are one of a kind, totally RAD and mind blowingly cool!
3. I love that the book is heavy on well thought through savoury dishes. In my opinion too often vegan/vegetarian cookbooks rely on sweet breakfast recipes and desserts to fill the pages, but not Nina's book!
4. The book is appropriate for those new to as well as those familiar with vegetarian cooking; every recipe is achievable by home cooks, yet exciting enough to keep the experienced cooks intrigued.
5. Highlights include the neatball and masala recipe featured here today, as well as the Moroccan harissa salad (SOOOO good), Laksa noodles (can't wait!) and Gado Gado (betcha don't even know what that is :p).

Anything to be mindful of...
1. To be creative means to play with lots of different specialist ingredients which you may not have readily available (unless you are seriously into your plantbased food). So think nutritional yeast, tamarind paste, tempeh, canned jackfruit etc. However I think the book offers you a great excuse to step out of your comfort zone and expand your pantry ;).
2. This is a vegetarian book, not a vegan book and dairy products are used in a number of recipes. However Nina does offer vegan alternatives where possible.


By the time you read this it'll be 2017, so happy New Year everyone! I hope your year is filled with love, happiness and health. And fact is, if you're here for the green smoothie recipe, you're off to a pretty good start if you ask me ;).

2016 for me was one of the craziest years of my life. Now, I told you a little bit about some major developments that have been going on for me in my last blog post (please do give it a read if you've got a minute) and today I'll reveal a tiny bit more about what's been happening for me and why I was quieter on social media towards the end of the year ...