I don't mean for this to sound (vegan) cheesy BUT what I like even more than getting a copy of a lovely vegan cookbook is sharing it with you! YUP, it gives me tons of joy to be able to host a cookbook giveaway with you guys especially if it's of a book I KNOW you'll love. Now, before I delve into today's cookbook review and giveaway I just want to say that I'm well aware most of my giveaways have only been open to UK residents. I am so, so, so sorry about this as I know you guys aren't all UK based. For what it's worth, it's usually not in my hands who can enter cookbook giveaways and instead it has more to do with the fact that the same cookbook can have different release dates in different parts of the world, then there's the postage costs and giveaway requirements set by the book publishers. However, rest assured that I'm hoping to do more e-book and cooking app giveaways later in the year, so bear with me please.


It's the week of Valentine's Day and - as I sit here and write today's post - I just know there will be 101 recipes on the internet celebrating chocolate, heart shaped strawberries, (heart shaped anything probably) and all things pink. I want to say that I made a conscious decision to swim against the tide and give you today's delicious vegan recipe. But the truth is, I just totally forgot about Valentine's day as I was putting my blog schedule together (ooops). Nonetheless, I think there is nothing more romantic than waking up to a gorgeous, lovingly made breakfast like this one and so - though of course I'm not even a tiny bit biased - I think this is THE most romantic recipe you'll EVER find on the internet in the run up to the day of love :D. So, put on the kettle, pop Dirty Dancing into your DVD player, grab the one you love, snuggle up and enjoy your tofu scramble ;).

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's, hugs Kimberly.

P.S. I'll be back next week (rather than in 2 weeks time) as I'm hosting a cookbook giveaway you don't wanna miss! See you next week :).