Without a shadow of a doubt, cinnamon is my most favourite spice in the whole wide world! It smells amazing and exotic, yet so familiar and comforting too. It reminds me of childhood and I connect its smell and taste to being spoiled by my mother on a Sunday morning. It is warming and nurturing and…well I could gush about cinnamon for the next half an hour, but I’ll spare you ;) .
The good news is that – apart from being super duper yummy – it’s also really good for you. And, more importantly it’s so easy to use and really versatile. So what makes cinnamon so healthy and why should you use it?

1. Cinnamon has a gently warming effect throughout the body and is a great way to fight off colds, fevers and flu during the chilly winter months. When my son is unwell I often put cinnamon in his tea and I promise you, this stuff works wonders. Because it has such an attractive taste, it’s relatively easy to slip this into your child’s diet and despite its healing qualities, your child won’t feel like they are being given ‘medicine’. Instead, it’s more like a treat.

2. Cinnamon can protect against candida yeast infection. Using cinnamon in your food is something I highly recommend for those of you who are taking antibiotics and who may consequently be more susceptible to candida yeast infection.

3. I have found reference on the internet that cinnamon is a good way to control blood sugar levels and hence very popular with type 2 diabetics. I have not read any specific research around this myself, but please do share your thoughts on this point. I’d be keen to hear if anyone has personal or professional experience of cinnamon’s use in this capacity.

4. Cinnamon has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This is one of the reasons it’s great at fighting candida yeast infections. But because of this quality, cinnamon can also be used to fight other fungal and bacterial infections such as tummy bugs and flu, to name but a few.

5. Both in the Ayurvedic tradition as well as in Chinese medicine, cinnamon is viewed as a powerful medicine. It is used to treat cold and indigestion, menstrual discomfort and bloating. I am not an expert in either of these two fields, but have read numerous reference of cinnamon’s use within these traditions. Please do share your experience and knowledge if you practice Ayurveda and/or Chinese medicine.

6. I’m pretty obsessed about good dental hygiene, hence my general dislike of (too much) sugar! So, I was really pleased to discover that cinnamon has been found to fight tooth decay and gum disease, again because of its anti-bacterial properties mentioned earlier. Cool huh?!

Here some recipes where I use cinnamon.
Enjoy and thanks for reading!