Want to become a nutritionist and help others live life to the full? Let entrepreneur, visionary, public figure and senior naturopath Hermann Keppler share his amazing story and tell you how to do it!

I couldn’t believe that Herman Keppler, one of THE most knowledgeable naturopaths and nutritional experts had spontaneously agreed to an interview for The Little Plantation blog. So, on a cold, but sunny Sunday morning, I made my way to meet him at his office in Central London. He presented as warm, down-to-earth and incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and the body’s ability to self-heal. Importantly, this wasn’t a man who was just talking the talk. He had actually walked the walk.

Hermann was born and raised in Germany. He studied to be an engineer and it was during this time, in 1981, that he had a horrific accident. Whilst on a work placement abroad, a laser cut off 3 fingers on his right hand! Surgeons did an amazing job to re-attach his fingers and although - in principle - the operation went well and Hermann got his fingers back, he was left in excruciating pain. ‘I wasn’t able to sleep, that’s how bad the pain was,’ he explained. But not just that, the blood circulation in Hermann’s injured hand was poor and post-operation his bones were not healing properly. Hermann returned to Germany and visited numerous specialists, but was told that there was nothing they could do for him; either he lived with the pain and managed it with pain killers or he had to have his fingers amputated.

Hermann contemplated both options – his scientific background couldn’t accept option number one. ‘Pain killers were not a solution, they were just a way of numbing out the problem. As a scientist I wanted more, I wanted a solution.’ And option number two was completely out of the question. So Hermann set out to look for option number three – a real cure.

As destiny would have it, one of his friends was studying Chinese medicine and homeopathy. He made a number of suggestions. ‘Firstly, he told me to cut out all the foods I loved: sugar, meat and junk!’ His friend also recommended acupuncture and gave him some herbal remedies. Eager to try anything, Hermann followed his friend’s advice, changed his diet, applied the herbal remedies and had acupuncture. Astonishingly, after just one session of acupuncture, Hermann slept through the night for the first time in weeks. ‘I couldn’t believe that a single session of acupuncture could reduce my pain by 80%.’ The natural remedies took four weeks to take full effect after which the blood flow in Hermann’s injured hand returned to normal and his bones finally joined and healed.

It was then that Hermann knew that he’d stumbled upon something pretty special. He read every book he could find on naturopathy, Chinese medicine, reflexology and nutrition. Convinced that complementary medicine was the way forward, Hermann decided to study naturopathy and after completing a three year course, opened his first clinic in Germany.

After further studies which led him across the world and much research into natural diagnostic techniques and therapies, Hermann was keen to share his knowledge; he started teaching, wrote three books and became a lead public figure in the field of naturopathy. It was not long after that Hermann set up his first college and – by the time he left Germany in 1997 – he had opened and successfully run 13 colleges in Germany. But his calling was to come to England, a move he will never regret: ‘It was a good decision to come. I love the UK, I think it is a fabulous place,’ he said. Here Hermann opened the doors of CNM’s first college in 1998. ‘We had 8 students when we started. Now we teach more than 1000 students every year.’

Today, Hermann is the principle and director of seven CNM colleges in the UK, three colleges in Ireland and since last year there is a college in South Africa and one in Florida, USA. ‘I could retire, but I would get bored’, he explained, ‘and I believe that there is still so much to do in terms of empowering and educating people in the ability of the body to heal itself.’

Hermann feels that CNM’s success lies on its focus on good, traditional teaching, great student support and real, practical application. ‘We want students to go out as confident and successful practitioners,’ Hermann explained. ‘We demand more clinical hours than any other college in the country because we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of taking the theory and putting it into practice. We won’t sign anyone off who isn’t ready to really help clients and make a positive difference to people’s lives.’

Next week, PART 2 of my interview with Hermann KepplerThe problem with orthodox medicine and how you can assist your body to heal itself! 

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