Entrepreneur, visionary, public figure and senior naturopath Hermann Keppler explains why complementary practitioners are facing a major challenge, why a drug-based approach may not hold the key to wellness and how you can help your body to heal!

In Part 1 of The Little Plantation’s Interview with Hermann Keppler, he shared his inspiring journey to becoming a naturopath (please read more here). But during Part 2 of the interview the focus shifted to the wider issue of natural therapies with Hermann revealing the depth of his passion to defend and promote them.

‘Natural therapies’ position in society has taken an interesting course’ he explained. ‘Up until about 3 years ago, natural therapies were embraced and accepted as a genuine, alternative route to health. For example, major broadcasters ran regular and popular radio programs on nutrition and mainstream newspapers frequently featured positive articles on natural health. But as complementary therapies have become more popular, it seems as though the media has turned its back on them.’

Hermann explained that many broadcasters have withdrawn programs that promote natural therapies. And newspapers articles have become more sceptical about the benefits of natural therapies. ‘In fact, many newspapers have started writing about the terrible ‘dangers’ of homeopathy and acupuncture and the Advertising Standard Agency will now no longer allow natural health practitioners to use terms such as ‘treatment’ or ‘therapy’ or to imply that they can treat medical conditions.’

I asked Hermann why he thought this shift had occurred. Hermann was cautious in his response, but clear: ‘There is a strong feeling within the natural health movement that there is a drive to denigrate the positive impact of therapies which empower people to improve their own health naturally. If you have vested interests in making a significant percentage of the population lifetime-consumers of expensive drugs, you will not welcome increasing awareness about the effectiveness of natural therapies.’

‘However there is a certain irony that denigrating natural therapies does not stem interest in them, quite the reverse in fact. And when even the World Health Organisation admits that a healthy diet has a positive impact throughout life, the tide can’t be turned back indefinitely! In my opinion, the outlook is fantastic for natural therapies, we simply have to keep up awareness through more imaginative routes.’

I noted that generally speaking there seems to be some acceptance of natural therapies’ capacity to manage minor ailments, but can natural therapies support health at every level?

‘Conventional medicine tends to make one crucial mistake – it often defines a symptom as a ‘disease’ and only treats the symptom - the mere end product - without looked at the origin of the patients’ condition. Instead it tries to suppress the symptoms leaving the original cause of the illness unaddressed.’

‘With natural therapies, the object is to give the body the tools to work towards healing itself. We ask crucial questions: Why did this symptom develop in the first place? What is its underlying cause? We look at the person as a whole, focusing on their lifestyle, diet and intake of nutrients.’

‘It is fundamentally important that the body is as strong as it can be. If the body is run down, unnourished and under stress, how can it be or stay healthy purely through the provision of chemical-based medication?’

I asked what diet we should follow and lifestyle choices we should make to obtain optimum health and give the body the strength to find its own path to wellness. ‘There is no magic formula or a ‘top 5 list of foods, herbs or nutrients’ as we are all individuals, but a natural lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise and healthy eating establishes the best foundation for good health. Stay clear of refined sugars, junk and genetically modified foods and nourish the body with energetic foods – lots of organic vegetables and fruits, sprouts, seeds and fibre. Natural is best!’

Hmm, I think I’ll stick to a plant based diet for now, how about you?

To get more information about the Advertising Standard Agency’s powers and to sign the petition against its control of natural health please follow the link provided here.