Free instagram phoography challenge


Every season I host a FREE instagram photography challenge with the aim of giving you the framework, support and inspiration to pick up your iphone or camera more regularly, practice your skills and fine tune your photographic eye. Furthermore, each one of my on-line challenges is lovingly designed to allow you to establish a regular instagram posting schedule (sooo important as you know from this post here) and become part of a creative community. In addition, we always work towards establishing a cohesive instagram grid with the goal of making your instagram gallery irresistable. 


  • a timetable that ensures you post 3 images a week!

  • ample time to complete your photography challenges

  • 3 unique photography challenges a week, set over a 4-week period

  • a designated hashtag for the challenge

  • a weekly e-mail with FREE photography inspiration. photography tips and instagram advice

  • the chance to be part of a creative and supportive on-line community



Anyone, anywhere! It doesn't matter if you've never used a camera before or if you are a professional. The photography challenge is all about pushing your own individual boundaries, playfully experimenting and being as artistic and creative as you want to be (read what participants said about being part of the challenge here)



  • I always offer a handful of creatives the chance to upgrade to my interactive food styling, food photography and visual story telling ecourse where I give constructive feedback on submitted images, exploring what's great about them and what can be worked on to make it even better plus LOTS, lots more. You can read about my ecourse here

  • Spaces are always available on a first come first serve basis 

  • Feedback will be provided both in group and 1-2-1 video conferencing sessions



  • At the end of each week I'll choose my favourite image(s), I'll mention the photographer of the image in one of my captions and on instagram LIVE (think shout-out) AND make that person my #instacrushoftheday on instagram stories. It's my way of saying thank you.



  • Is this challenge for food photographers only?

    It depends! Challenges will be set in such a way that you'll have lots of artistic freedom to interpret them in whichever way you like. However, please check the challenge details for information as to whether it's for foodies only. 


  • Do I need a DSLR to participate?

    No, you can use a regular camera, an iphone camera or anything else you've got to hand.


  • What if I miss one challenge because I'm busy/travelling/sick? Will I be disqualified?

    No, of course not. There's no pressure to 'perform'. It's all about having fun and thinking outside the box. However, if at all possible I'd really recommend you try your hand at every challenge to reap the benefits of regularly taking pictures, fine tuning your instagram gallery and developing your visual story telling abilities.


  • Will you comment and like every single one of my pictures?

    I promise I'll look at all the images submitted and heart the ones that make me smile, but I may not have the time to comment on every entry. However, if you'd like some personal feedback I'd urge you to consider the UPGRADE package mentioned above - it's the one thing participants always regret not doing.


  • Can I see how everyone else has interpreted the challenge?

    Yes you can and I strongly urge you to. I feel it's an important part of the learning process. Allow your fellow creatives to inspire you. And if an image moves you, show your appreciation, leave a comment and let this creative community flourish :).


  • When do you host your challenges?

    To participate and find out when challenges are running please subscribe to the mailing list below. Generally though I run them about 3 times a year.


  • I'm not on instagram, can I still participate?

    No, I'm sorry. This online photography challenge is instagram based.


  • I'm already on the mailing list. DO I need to register again? 

        Depends. If you signed up for the last one, you need to register again. If you joined AFTER the last challenge, you're good.


  • when is the next challenge?

    WINTER 2020 - Join the mailing list below to pre-register!


  • Any more questions?

         Just e-mail me at kimberly(at)thelittleplantation(dot)co(dot)uk and I'll gladly help.


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