The food photography and food styling e-course lessons are very inspiring and motivating. It’s nice to interact with Kimberly and get access to all her amazing tips. Kimberly's teaching style makes you feel comfortable at all times but also pushes you to want to do better, and advance in your work. After each lesson, I felt motivated and wanting to work to achieve better shots.


‘‘The small group workshop was perfect for me. Constructive, yet informal with lots of practical information and hands on experience. Lunch was delicious and filling and the venue couldn't have been better. Seeing how you work in the exact place you work was not less inspiring than the information you shared. Thank you so much for everything!’’


‘‘I left the 2-2-1 food photography workshop with a sense of confidence, wanting to try out what I had learned. I was buzzing!’’


‘‘I tend to sign up to courses, starting with much interest at first, but then it tapers off and I only half finish the course. Because your LIVE online food styling course included homework and hard deadlines in a small group setting, I was actually able to complete this course. I’ve not just taken this course more seriously, but also myself!’’


‘‘I wanted to let you know that I’m doing my first official paid food photography job for a client. In some ways I feel much more confident since doing the group workshop. Thank you for that.’’


‘‘I left the group workshop on such a high and was so inspired after meeting such wonderful people, and finally "officially" beginning my journey into food photography. Who knows where it will lead but I'm so excited to start practising and putting the things we learned into use.''


‘‘I wouldn’t change a thing! The 1-2-1 food photography and food styling workshop was well structured, focused and I really liked that Kimberly made me actively try and test my new skills. I learned much more than I was ever hoping for’’.


‘‘I had such a great instagram mentoring session with you and gathered such helpful information during our time together. You've really helped me reassess what exactly I'm doing on Instagram, gave insightful feedback on my whole branding strategy, and the constructive critique of the look and feel you get from my Instagram account as a whole really inspired me.’’


‘‘Being able to work with Kimberly, creating unique shots and identifying my weak spots were the best parts of attending the 1-2-1 food photography and food styling workshop. I’d recommend this workshop 100%’’


‘‘Ever since implementing some of your suggestions from our live instagram mentoring session about monetising my Instagram account, I was thinking of updating you on my progress. I am so grateful to have found you Kimberly, as you have totally change the way I see myself. I never thought I could get paid doing what I love. But as I see the possibilities now, I am blown away. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge with me. I am forever grateful.’’


‘‘Honestly I think the major part of attending the 1-2-1 food styling workshop was doing something that was totally for myself and investing in something that I have wanted to do for a long time. There was so much to talk about and learn in hindsight I wish I would have booked a full day.’’ 


‘‘The London food styling and food photography workshop was so worthwhile! All the practicing, the ideas, the nice people, the nice lunch and the goody bags, Really enjoyed it.’’


''The online food photography, food styling and visual story telling course was a brilliant course and I'm glad I signed up. My photography has improved a lot - thank you.''



''Doing your online food photography, food styling and visual story telling course was definitely better than doing a pre-recorded food photography course. I say this having bought many pre-recorded courses in the past. I found interacting with you and the other students very helpful. You don't get that level of interaction in pre-recorded courses.''



''I loved the online food photography, food styling and visual story telling course because I could interact live with you, the teacher, and also with the other students despite not being in the UK. In addition, I have life long access to the lesson and course material; this was very important to me because English isn't my first language.



''I loved Kimberly's teaching style during the online food photography, food styling and visual story telling course. I am quiet and reserved but Kimberly didn't stress me on that. She let me be myself and I felt comfortable throughout; I could learn at my own pace, no pressure here. Kimberly didn't lose her cool; she's patient, sincere and real. Moreover, I was impressed by her infectious passion, encouragement, optimism and faith in us students!''



''When first venturing into food photography, I thought I had learned some of the basics, but felt I was lacking. After taking the on-line food photography, food styling and visual story telling course I feel so much more confident in what I’m doing! Using natural light in unison with different props and background, color theory, which was something I never really thought about until now. And composition, one of my favorite things about this class. I never knew there were so many ways to properly place things.

Kimberly is so upbeat and knowledgeable and more than willing to share her wisdom, tips and tricks. I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s just starting out in food photography or wants to step up their food styling and photography skills.''



''You have a lovely, calm, warm manner to pass on your knowledge during your 2-2-1 food styling course as well as suggest alternative ways to do things and give advice on tackling a [styling] issue. I was particularly impressed by how encouraging you were and always focused on the positives.''



''Last entry for this amazing, four-week Spring instagram food photography challenge hosted by the ever amazing Kimberly, the person behind The Little Plantation. It's been an awesome, challenging experience and so inspirational. I had the chance to meet and interact with many beautiful people and talented creators!! Thanks again for everything Kimberly!!''



''The whole Spring instagram food photography challenge was such a great experience, thank you Kimberly. It really got me to push my boundaries, to try new things and to step out of my comfort zone. Also, I got to make new friends on instagram which I am really grateful for.''



''The Spring instagram food photography challenge is the most fun thing I have ever done since starting my instagram page. What a journey it has been. While I learnt a lot about photography and editing, the best part was meeting all the other amazing talents out here. Thank you to many more challenges!''



''It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday and we so appreciated your time, your comments and your thoughtful consideration of our work and plans during our instagram mentoring session. We were so grateful for the way you made us think about our market and helped us pinpoint our focus. We both came away really inspired.''



''I have done several food photography and food styling courses but you offered something unique and different. My 1-2-1 food styling and food photography workshop with you also included much needed business coaching, branding advice and direction. For the first time I can see light at the end of the tunnel; I feel empowered.''



''Meeting you for a 1-2-1 instagram mentoring session was one of the best things I have done towards following my passion for starting a healthy food blog and business! Taking five trains in the rain  to come meet you was well worth my time; you opened my eyes , gave me hope ,direction and so much more. Thank you!




''The venue for the 3-2-1 food styling and food photography workshop was fabulous, great lighting in the room for shooting. A comfortable space with ample room for a group of 3/4 to work in. 

The teaching style was just perfect. I felt instantly relaxed when I arrived and this continued throughout the session. It was well balanced with time to work by ourselves, group time and then some theoretical time at the end. Couldn't fault!'' 



''I just want to tell you again how much I LOVED the 3-2-1 food styling and food photography workshop. I feel like your workshop was so personalized and "hands on" which is exactly what I needed. 

The fact that you let us style on our own, that you critiqued us in such a great way... This is the best way to learn!

You are an amazing teacher and I really hope you continue to give as much workshops as you can, because you have a gift!''



''I found it very useful that I handled my camera a lot and adjusted it to suit the available light throughout the London group food photography workshop. It was also good that we took photos at different angles. This was very impactful and I now see light in a different way.''



''I think you led the Madrid group food photography workshop with just the right amount of guidance as well as freedom to have us figure things out by ourselves. I really think you’re a talented teacher and I’m so glad that you went down the path you did in your career and are now sharing your knowledge with others. Thank you, Kimberly, for this inspiring and encouraging workshop! It exceeded all my expectations!''



''The most helpful thing about doing the instagram UPGRADE was getting help in putting my finger on what is not working in my pictures - from the positioning of my plates, to the colors and editing. Having someone professional point out the things I can do better was beyond helpful.''



''I heard about the instagram mentoring sessions through reading your blog. I first hesitate to do them, but then I talked to a fellow instagrammer who had had an instagram mentoring session with you. She told me that it was so helpful, so I signed up. And indeed the session was helpful as it allowed me to organize my ideas on how to grow my instagram, look for my own style, and know which weaknesses to work on and strengthen.'' 



''I really would like to thank you because after attending your group food photography and food styling workshop together I seriously improved my photography and styling. I've been able to put together a portfolio as a food photographer and stylist and change my career path.



''I did not hesitate for ONE minute and immedIately signed up to your instagram photography challenge UPGRADE package! When I read your offer in your newsletter I knew this was exactly what I wanted and I felt it was well worth the money.''



''During the instagram mentoring session you were insanely organized and thorough. I liked how direct the session was. You cut through all the fluff and gave me just what I needed.''

Jamie - USA  


''I never thought I would enjoy the instagram photography challenge so much and will miss it when it comes to an end. When I signed up for this challenge, I did not know what to expect. But I wanted to improve my photography and thought that this was going to be the exact thing to push me. And boy was I right !?''

Suchita, USA


''I realised I had to push myself and once I got each task I enjoyed the instagram photography challenge immensely. I really appreciated the feedback I got as I signed up to do the instagram photography challenge UPGRADE package. The feedback was invaluable as you were reviewing my posts and giving me advice on issues I knew needed addressing but I had no idea how to. The instagram photography challenge UPGRADE package is a genius idea to help novices like myself. You're a great teacher. Please continue doing what you're doing.''

Michelle, LONDON


''I found it most helpful how you 'held my hand' during the instagram mentoring session and developed an individualised plan for me. There was nothing you could have done better. I really enjoyed skyping with you. You're the best coach ever.''



''Thank you Kimberly for stretching my skills with this instagram photography challenge. Even though I am often frustrated during the process, I love it when I create a shot that I am pleased with.''

Tiffany, Germany


''Who would have thought that taking a picture of some leaves would be so challenging? But I guess this is what the instagram photography challenge is all about - I have learnt so much already.

Zuza, Poland


''I'm buzzing with ideas after our 1-2-1 instagram mentoring session. It was invaluable!''

JADE - London


''You were inspiring at your talk on social media and blogging strategies this eve. Thank you.''



''Kimberly is such a warm , affectionate person. I had such a beautiful day doing her 1-2-1 food styling and food photography course. She cooked amazing lunch for me ( I even took recipe from her). I love the fact that she is so effortless with her shots and work – It all comes naturally to her and there is no glamour. I am so grateful and thankful for this opportunity and for all that I could learn.''



''I cannot tell you how much I loved your 3-day London food photography and food styling course and wish I could do it all again!!! I felt there was just the right amount of people for me to get the most out of it and I learnt so much. Thank you so much.''



''I also appreciated your organisation pre, during and post the workshop. It really showed much you care about us attendees and how committed you are to providing a great experience

I would definitely recommend attending at least one of the days of your 3-day London food photography workshop to friends and people who are interested in learning more about food photography and styling. No hesitation whatsoever!'' 



''Some of the helpful aspects of the instagram photography challenge UPGRADE package was the great detail in which you offered your insight and feedback in every photo I took. After each insta challenge I was left with some new bit of knowledge to incorporate into my next photo. I always appreciated your positive input on my photograph and also where I could improve. The feedback didn’t just stop with composition but also included editing and kind reminders of story telling and the importance of a visual narrative.'' 



''Thank you so much for sending those beautiful photos of our cafe menu across! Such a lovely thing to start the week with! I wasn't expecting anything this quickly so such a great surprise. You are amazing, I really love everything. Stunning, I am so so happy!''



''To everyone reading, I 150% recommend having an instagram mentoring session with Kimberly!''

INes - Portugal


“The day I spent with Kimberly for my 1-2-1 food photography workshop session was fantastic. She is a great teacher, who knows how to transmit her knowledge. She has very good food styling tools to work with: beautiful props and amazing food. After just 1 day studying with Kimberly, I noticed a big improvement in my photography.”



''The group food photography and food styling workshop went something like this: Kimberly would ask us to set up our own shots, we would over-enthusiastically do so, photograph it, then Kimberly would critique it, swap things around to improve the scene immeasurably and teach us a few of her tricks in the process. Simple. And hugely effective.''

- Mandy and Kathy - south east england


''This was, by a mile the most inspiring, productive and information packed group workshop ever!''



“You did an impressive job teaching me during the 1-2-1 photography class today. I'm so glad you could switch gears, share an appreciation of the aesthetics of styling, and be open to the nitty gritty of helping me know the way around my camera. You were upbeat, stayed on task and had a good solid plan for the day.

You have a lovely naturally lit studio with a current mix of props and surface boards. Your strength is facilitating and drawing out new skills from a new student. Your sense of timing for the "teachable moment" is uncanny. And you were like a dog with a bone teaching a tricky technique, teaching an idea first one way then another. Thank you for a lovely day!''



''I really enjoyed the 1-2-1 food photography session and felt really comfortable and not embarrassed at all to ask questions that might have been very basic! I got a lot out of it and came home feeling inspired. ''



''The instagram mentoring session was so useful; it was great to have an external set of eyes look over my feed in a subjective way. There were lots of things I hadn't considered and its given me a lot to think about. ''

- ceri - LONDON


''The instagram mentoring session was perfect; the best part was getting photography tips and feedback about my instagram profile. Thank you, the session was super helpful.''

- elena - bahrain