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Perhaps, on the surface of it, nothing much has changed in 2015. This is still a plant-based blog (for today's raw Nourishing Winter Rainbow Salad, please skip to the end of the post), I am still living in London and I am still very much studying nutrition (counting the days though, getting so near now to the end!). But once you take a closer look it soon becomes evident - I feel - that this blog as well as I have gone through a major transformation.

I mean, let's start with the biggest change of all – I quit my job and have now spent the last month (YIKES) at home, focusing on the things I realised mattered so much that it became impossible to keep neglecting them for the sake of following the wrong career path. Though I still wake up some days rather perplexed by the fact that I don't need to rush to the office, I am happy to report that resigning from my job was very, very clearly the right decision for me and my family.

How to make vegan winter rainbow salad - The Little Plantation

Apart from the obvious changes such as being able to take my son to and from school ever day (bliss!), the extra free hours have also allowed me to endulge in experiences I just wouldn't have been able to fit into my timetable otherwise. For example, there were the wonderful collaborations with Ceri and Aimee, the impromtu meet-up with Lucy, the virtual blog party, the instameetmy breakfast with Aimee and a few blog related job meetings and opportunities I've not actually had a chance to tell you about... yet (though will in 2016 ;)). In short, all these new experiences have moulded me into a new person, touched by all the different and inspiring people I've met along this crazy path I'm on. 

But perhaps, more importantly YOU continue to visit and give me tons of encouragement and support with your sweet comments, likes on facebook and instagram and retweets. You have made this year really special so thank you for sticking round, for coming back ever fortnight to read my ramblings, for looking at my pictures and making my recipes. In short, I feel part of my transformation has been about getting to know you so much better and gaining a clearer understanding of what recipes you're really after. 

So I'd like to end the blogging year by wishing you all well for what remains of 2015. I look forward to sharing new recipes with you and to continue to improve and transform this space in 2016!

Hugs, Kimberly :)

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How to make vegan winter rainbow salad - The Little Plantation


I wanted to end 2015 with a somewhat understated bang, but a bang nonetheless. And this recipe here totally fits the bill. No, it's not an impressive 10-storey gingerbread house or a turkey with all the trimmings (obviously!), but it is a Christmassy winner nonetheless and can hold its own in the midst of the baking and roasting extravaganca that's taking place all over the world and seemingly reaching tipping point on the internet. 

Seasonal, colourful, easy and oh so delicious, this salad is perfect for this time of the year cuz we need salads in winter too, you know :). 

Please note that this recipe was slightly adapted from this one by Nourishing Meals. Happy salad making everyone!

IMPORTANT: Please check the end of the recipe for substitutions as well the full plant-based Christmas menu this could be a part of :).

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 4-6 as a starter

Ingredients for the salad:

4 cups of loosely packed thinly sliced red cabbage (about ¼ of a cabbage)
4 cups of loosely packed thinly sliced kale (about 8-10 leaves, stems removed)
2 cups of loosely packed chopped parsley
½ cup pumpkin seeds and/or crushed almonds
seeds from 1 pomegranate
one sliced green apple (optional)

Ingredients for the dressing:

6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
4 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice (from about 2 limes)
2 tablespoon white almond butter (like this one here)
½-inch piece fresh ginger, grated
½ teaspoon sea salt
1-2 tablespoons of (filtered) water (optional, see tips)

How to make vegan winter rainbow salad - The Little Plantation


Please wash all the ingredients for the salad. Remove the stem of the kale (you can you it in this juice, so please don't throw it away) and also remove the hard core of the cabbage. Then thinly slice the kale, cabbage and parsley and mix together in a large bowl with the pumpkin seeds and/or crushed almonds. Now also add the pomegranate seeds. If you are using the green apple, please cut it in thin slices and add it to the salad too. 

In a separate small container mix together the olive oil, lime juice, water, almond butter, grated ginger and salt. Dress the salad just before serving and enjoy!

Tip 1: You can replace the red cabbage with savoy cabbage if need be.
Tip 2: To keep this nut-free, please replace the almond butter with tahini.
Tip 3: If you prefer a slightly sweeter salad, I would suggest using the apple noted in the recipe and replacing the pomegranate seed with dried cranberries or sweet grapes.
Tip 4: You can also add 1-2 cups of grated fennel as it works very well with this salad too.
Tip 5: You can add water to the dressing to make it slightly runnier IF YOU LIKE. This step is optional. I suggest making it without water first, checking for consistency and then adding a tablespoon of water at a time to get it to the consistency yu like.


Appetizers: Beetroot crispsvegan tomato paté and Swedish crisp breads.

Starter: Today's nourishing winter rainbow salad

Main: Roasted red kuri squash

Dessert: Vegan coffee ice-cream with salted caramel swirl

Merry Christmas and thank you so, so much for stopping by!

How to make vegan winter rainbow salad - The Little Plantation