Metis Green Smoothie Recipe - The Little Plantation

My blog is and will always be a place where I share plant-based recipes I believe in. It will always be a space where I tell you about fruits and vegetables that taste the bomb. That's because I value YOU and am honoured you've chosen to visit and read my blog. Hence if I do a sponsored blog post like the one I'm writing today for the brand new Metis® fruit, please know I've tried and tested the goodies (together with my rather fussy 7-year-old who LOVED them and my man, who ate 3 in one go!) and can wholeheartedly recommend Metis® as well as this healthy Metis® green smoothie recipe ;).

So now with formalities out of the way I can FINALLY tell you a tiny bit about Metis® - a plum-apricot hybrid created by natural cross pollination. It tastes super delicious, juicy and fresh and is at it's best this time of the year (read SO seasonal and bang on trend). It's therefore also the perfect addition to my autumnal green smoothie bowl :). 

Metis Green Smoothie Recipe - The Little Plantation

Metis® comes in four different varieties:

  • OXY - rich in colour and antioxidants and super duper juicy, making it MY favourite

  • SAFARI – with firm skin and a crunchy bite, this one got the thumbs up from my feisty 7 year old

  • TONIC - is at it's best in late August and early September. It's soft, sweet and juicy, which means it got my man's vote

  • AROMA - as the name suggests, it has a beautiful smell and a distrinct flavour. YUM!

There's bound to be a variety that you love, so I suggest you head over to Tesco's where this unique fruit is currently being stocked, try them all and let me know which variety floats your boat :). But please be quick! Metis® Oxy and Metis® Safari will be in stock at Tesco until October only and Metis® Tonic until November only to ensure you get the fruit at it's best and in season. And when you get one of the Metis® fruit varieties, please make today's smoothie and tag me in your image on instagram. I'd love to see your version.

Thanks for reading everyone and see you all next week!

P.S. Metis® have teamed up with a number of bloggers who have all created delicious recipes using the fruit. If you want to see what they did with Metis®, please click here

Recipe below...

Metis Green Smoothie Recipe - The Little Plantation


This smoothie is refreshing and zingy, full of antioxidants, fibre and other plant-based goodness. In short, a perfect start to the day. Please note that I used TONIC in this recipe, which I peeled to create a pale green smoothie look AKA for food styling purposes (But rest assured, I ate the skin cuz it's FULL of goodness). However the recipe is super versatile and you can use any one of the four varieties. Enjoy!

Preparation time: 5-7 minutes

Serves: 2



1 large ripe avocados, peeled, stone removed

1 cup/a small handful of fresh spinach, washed

1 ripe banana, peeled

1-2 Metis® fruit (any variety), washed and stone removed

Juice of 1 lime

2 tsp tahini

1 cup/240ml plant milk (I used almond milk)


To garnish (suggestions, optional):

2-4 tbs of your favourite granola

1 Metis® fruit cut into cubes

1 tsp white sesame seeds

1 tsp black sesame seeds

edible flowers



Place all the smoothie ingredients in a high speed blender.

Blend until smooth.

Serve in two bowls and garnish to your liking. Consume immediately.

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Metis Green Smoothie Recipe - The Little Plantation