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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Denby Pottery. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

In case it's not blatantly obvious I LOVE being social. You know, chatting, hanging out and chilling with friends, having a laugh or two and nibbling on some delicious vegan food in the process. Sharing experiences like these really help me get through the long, dark days and nights in January. And having pottery pieces that are both functional and pretty go a long way in making these kind of evenings with friends fun and stress-free.

So imagine my joy when I was given the opportunity to hand-pick some platters and little bowls from Denby's Natural Canvas Collection to make entertaining extra classy. I went for the rectangual platter, the oval tray, the cute little dipping bowls and the Natural Canvas Placemats. As the pieces are super easy to mix and match, I did just that with a few of my own ceramics and TADA the perfect snack table was set. The Denby Pottery pieces came in super handy from the outset as I had a food blogger friend stop by meaning I had the perfect excuse to make and serve her these raw peanutbutter energy balls on my adorable little platters. You can see the end result in today's blog post images :). 

I feel that the energy balls looked extra delicious on the Denby Pottery and I could have sworn they tasted even better than normal ;). And after all was eaten and the day ended, my man grabbed the bowls and filled them with dips and other goodies to go with our dinner that evening.

With over 200 years of pottery making behind them, Denby are bound to have a collection with your name on it! You can see all their gorgeous pottery by clicking here and the collection I went gaga over by clicking here. AND the best part you can win their takeaway pottery set from the Natural Canvas collection. Read on to find out how! 

Raw vegan energy bliss balls recipe - The Little Plantation


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Thank you for reading everyone and see you next week.

Recipe below :)

Raw paleo snack recipe - The Little Plantation blog


How on earth I went nearly four years without sharing a raw vegan energy ball recipe with you on my blog, is beyond me. But I'm glad to rectify that today and put things right!

Having had my fair share of energy balls and bliss bites I can hands down say these are the best I've ever had. Moreover it's made with ingredients you can find in any supermarket. Enjoy! (Recipe adapted from Madeleine Shaw).

Preparation time: 10 - 15 minutes

Makes: 14 balls



150g smooth peanutbutter

75g almonds

200g Medjool date, pitted

3tbs (raw) cacao powder (unsweetened)

1/2tsp ground cinnamon

pinch of salt



some turmeric powder, some sesame seeds, some matcha powder or some beetroot powder (totally optional)



Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until combined. Create 14 bliss balls by taking about a tablespoon of the mixture in your hand and rolling it into a small ball.

If you'd like to garnish the energy balls, have little dipping bowls ready with whichever powder/seeds you choose. Roll the ball in the powder/seeds and done!

Tip 1: If you are making these in the summer, the balls might feel a bit gooey and sticky. Just pop the ready made energy balls in the fridge for 5 minutes and they should be easier to handle.

Tip 2: I like to make this quantity and then freeze them in packs of 3. It means I have a little snack whenever the mood strikes me.

Tip 3: Need other garnish ideas? How about a simple cacao powder or melted chocolate? the sky is the limit.

Tip 4: Using turmeric to garnish? Do use with caution as it stains your fingers like crazy!

Tip 5: To keep it raw and paleo friendly, consider using raw almond butter instead of peanutbutter. Shoudl taste just as lovely. 


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