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NOTE: The pictures for this blog post were in part updated in June, 2016.

Hi everyone!  If you're here for the fresh, summery and sexy watermelon gazpacho recipe, then please scroll down to the end of the blog post. You'd find the easy vegan recipe there. If you're happy to read about my wonderful visit with my amazingly talented sister, then please read on and get to the recipe later.

Question: What’s even better than making some fabulicious, seasonal plant-based food? Answer: Making it and sharing it with someone you ADORE. And for this week’s blog post I got to do just that as my gorgeous and über-talented little sis’ Sumera flew all the way from Berlin to come and visit hubby, son and ME in our humble London home.

Sumera might look familiar as she was one of the finalists on the Dutch X Factor a few years ago and apart from being graced with a voice that sends chills down my spine, this little tweety bird can put together a fierce plate of food too. We were ‘cooking’ up a storm in the kitchen, preparing a recipe handed down to us by my mama. So a true family affair all the way ‘round which resulted in a bowl full of LOVE.

vegan avocado dip - The Little Plantation

Can I let you in on a secret? Are you sure? Ok, well my sister and I have got another little – actually kinda pretty big - collaboration in the works, which is coming to The Little Plantation super soon. So today’s post serves as a tiny taster of what’s to come. 

I am SO excited about this sisterly collaboration and SO want to tell you more NOW, but gotta keep my lips sealed until later in the month. Please do keep checking the blog for the big ‘reveal’ or follow me on Instagram or facebook to remain up to speed. In the interim, I hope you enjoy this recipe. (You can now read what it was all about here;))

Finally, to today's recipe. It's super easy, so nourishing and by a mile the BEST gazpacho out there. Honestly. AND it's a stunner, in fiery red, which is why we decided to call it what we did;). You can have this for breakfast (yes, really), lunch or as a light dinner. #ILOVESUMMER

See ya’ll again soon and thanks for reading.

IMPORTANT: Please check the end of the recipe for suggestions on how best to prepare the gazpacho!


Preparation Time: 10 - 15 minutes
Serves: 4-6


500g watermelon (black seeds removed)
500g (organic) ripe tomatoes
1 (organic) garlic clove
½ large (organic) cucumber (skin removed)
1 medium sized onion (red or white)
½ green pepper (seeds removed)
½ red pepper (seeds removed)
150ml (filtered) water
20 fresh (organic) basil leaves
175ml (organic) extra virgin olive oil
40ml vinegar
Salt to taste (as always I used pink Himalaya salt)

vegan avocado dip - The Little Plantation
vegan avocado dip - The Little Plantation


Wash the ingredients and chop roughly. Then place all the ingredients in a blender. I use the vitamix, but any blender will do the trick. Blend until all the ingredients are combined and the mixture is nice and smooth. 

If you are using a vitamix, you can serve this immediately, as is. If you are not using a high power blender, please pour the mixture through a sieve, to make sure the gazpacho is velvety smooth (optional). Taste to see if the gazpacho requires some additional salt and serve nice and cool. 

This will keep for about 2-3 days in the fridge. Enjoy!

Tip 1: Use baby watermelon as it does not have any black seeds!
Tip 2: If your digestive system is very sensitive, peel the peppers as their skin can be hard to digest. 
Tip 3: You can use white wine, apple cider or even balsamic vinager. We used apple cider vinager, but the choice is yours!
Tip 4: This really fills up the blender to the brim. If need be, blend in batches and then mix everything together at the end.

Eat with… a nice piece of crusty bread! We ate ours with multiseed artisan bread. YUM! 

vegan avocado dip - The Little Plantation