How to charge with you’re worth with Being Boss podcasters Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson - Eat, Capture, Share Podcast

In today’s episode (9) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, creative entrepreneurs, authors and the hosts of the mega successful Being Boss podcast. We talk about the difficult subject of money. Here’s what you can expect from today’s episode …

  • I speak candidly about what I earned during my first year as a full-time food blogger and food photographer

  • Kathleen and Emily introduce themselves

  • They explain what propelled them to start the business podcast for creative entrepreneurs, Being Boss

  • Kathleen and Emily explain why talking shop with fellow creatives is invaluable

  • The pair talk about what keeps them going in their online creative businesses

  • They talk about how they transformed their podcast into a best-selling book

  • Kathleen and Emily explain why talking about money with fellow creatives is SO important

  • Kathleen and Emily explain why our own money stories are holding us back and why setting big money goals is healthy

  • Kathleen explores the reasons why female creative entrepreneurs often undercharge for their work

  • We delve deeper into how we can overcome the sense of shame around money and talking about money

  • We also talk about why fear and money are often so closely connected for many creatives

  • We talk about how to set your price when working with brands for sponsored instagram posts

  • Emily outlines how you can increase what you charge for your work

  • Emily explains how you can stand out when working with brands on sponsored posts

  • We talk about why being super professional forms an important part of charging what you want

  • Kathleen and Emily note why making a list of your ideal clients can be super helpful

  • The pair outline why thinking about your audience when working with brands is crucial

  • Kathleen and Emily note why having your own products and services can be a game changer as an on-line creative

  • They talk about the power of no


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