Raw Vegan Tenderstem Pesto Recipe - The Little Plantation

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a safe and fun journey into 2016. May your new year be filled with joy, happiness and great health! 

I don't know about you, but I sure feel ready to get back onto the healthy bandwagon with this delicious raw vegan Tenderstem Pesto, as Christmas was a feast of utter indulgence *ooops*. That's why I love the fact that the start of a new year and the opportunity to renew my commitments to healthy eating come so close after Christmas. I think that's because the universe knows a thing or two about perfect timing :).

As I was putting my blog schedule together for 2016 I was certain that I really wanted to start the year with a raw and savoury blog post (anyone else had enough of baking?). So when I was asked to do a sponsored blog post for a raw recipe including Tenderstem®, I jumped at the chance. Now, before I delve into the recipe, I wanted to say something about doing sponsored posts, as well as about Tenderstem® itself. I hope that's ok.

In terms of sponsored blog posts - over the past 12 months I have been approached a few times by companies asking me to do sponsored posts or review their products; those of you who visit the blog regularly will know that I have never accepted any of these offers. That's because none of the companies that contacted me were selling products that I would ever eat, would consider healthy or could wholeheartedly recommend to you. So please rest assured that if ever I write a sponsored blog post or review something, it is because I genuinely enjoy the items featured and think you will too. I have no plans of making sponsored blog posts a habit, but when I do one I'll be totally open and upfront about it. Sound cool?

Raw Vegan Tenderstem Pesto Recipe - The Little Plantation

Now on to the exciting part: Tenderstem® itself. I have to say, Tenderstem® is an absolutely beautiful vegetable from my most favourite of vegetable groups - the brassica family. I love brassicas (AKA cruciferous vegetables) as they have wonderful health benefits and are what I call real superfoods. For example, they support the liver, helping it to work optimally in clearing the body of toxins, excess hormones and other bits and pieces we don't need. And - I may be wrong here - but the liver can sure use some TLC after the holidays, can't it ;)?

I particularly like Tenderstem® as it is a cross between two awesome veg namely broccoli and Chinese kale, utilising the best of both to create something flavoursome, healthy and unique. I personally feel it's quite mild in taste, meaning that it can be enjoyed raw without being too overpowering or bitter. I also love the fact that you can eat the stem so nothing goes to waste and you get more food for your money, if you get what I mean. Here I've teamed the Tenderstem® with green herbs, raw garlic, fresh lemon juice and nuts/seeds - all of which have their own amazing health benefits :). You're welcome!

I truly hope you enjoy the recipe - it's simple, quick, easy and utterly delicious and a great way to kick start 2016. But if you need more inspiration about how to incorporate more raw vegetables in your diet, please check out some other Tenderstem® recipes here.  


Please note, this recipe was mildly adapted from one of my previous recipes. See here.

Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes
Makes: about 2 cups of pesto



60g Tenderstem
30g parsley or coriander
30g basil
50g raw pinenuts or sunflower seeds for a nutfree option
1tsp salt
6 tbsp olive oil
1 raw garlic clove, peeled
2tbs fresh lemon juice



Start by putting all your ingredients on your worksurface and weighing them. Then wash the tenderstem, parsley/coriander and basil. I cut each tenderstem stalk into 4 pieces before placing it - together with the herbs and all other ingredients - in a food processor. Please mix all ingredients together until they form a nice paste. Make sure to taste the pesto to see if it required a little bit more salt and/or oil to suit your taste.
Then just enjoy!

Eat with... home-made pita bread, Swedish crisp bread or oatcakes like I did. You can also use it on top of a lovely wintery cauliflower, parsnip and roasted garlic soup like I did here on instagram :).

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