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Lots to tell you today, so if you just want my yummy recipe for vegan Matcha and Coconut Panna Cotta with Organic Premium Green Leaf Matcha, you can find it towards the end of this blog post.

Hi everyone. Thanks for finding your way back again to my little corner of the blogosphere :). Thanks too for all the AMAZING comments on my last post about working with brands. Both in the comment section itself and on instagram you had heaps to say about the matter and lots of tips to share, which made me feel like it was right to release that blog post into cyberspace. Moreover, ironically, I had tons of brands contact me since I unleased that blog post, which made me giggle. The universe has such a funny way of working ;).

BUT in the midst of all the e-mails one company totally stood out - Green Leaf Matcha. The company is a small start-up dedicated solely and completely to the most gorgeous organic matcha tea I have EVER tasted. Like I said, I felt like a fairy scattering precious gold dust when I was working with Green Leaf Matcha tea, it's so lush. 

The owners explained to me that they chose to sell this particular tea because it was important to them to have an organic super premium ceremonial matcha tea; they'd not settle for anything less. Interestingly, the tea leaves stem from Uji, Kyoto in Japan; this variety of leaves has been cultivating there since the 13th century. Subtle but important nuances in taste sets this tea apart from any other. It also packs a kick-a**-antioxidant- high-level-chlorophyll punch. Plus the colour is just to DIE for!

How to make Vegan Matcha and Coconut Panna Cotta with Green Leaf Matcha - The Little Plantation

Green Leaf Matcha's superior grade meant that some of its antioxidant potential could get lost if I'd used it in a recipe that required high temperature cooking or baking. It's why I wanted to avoid doing so. Plus, who wants to bake in the middle of August anyway? 

The idea of the vegan panna cotta came to me quite quickly actually once I'd ruled out baked goods or the predictable vegan matcha latte ;). See, if you may remember at the beginning of the year I made a list of recipes I wanted to tackle in 2016 and vegan panna cotta was one of the recipes on that list. It requires very little cooking and is eaten chilled, so it was PERFECT to combine with premium organic Green Leaf Matcha and have as a summer dessert. It's so, SO easy to put together meaning - for me - it's the ultimately summer pudding :).

Lucky for you, the people behind Green Leaf Matcha are offering 10% off their organic super premium matcha green tea to The Little Plantation readers until the 31st of August. Cool, right? All you need to do is go here and pop in the following code 6Z8GL78C to claim your discount. I so hope you make use of this stunning offer for as long as it lasts :). Ok, gotta run, but thanks sooooo much for popping by :)

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P.P.S. This is a sponsored post, but as you know from this blog post here, I'd not do it if I didn't feel 100% comfy promoting the product ;).

See you soon :). 

How to make Vegan Matcha and Coconut Panna Cotta with Green Leaf Matcha - The Little Plantation


This was my first attempt at making panna cotta so I used a recipe by Feisty Veggies as a guide when it came to quantities etc. I've since made it again with a different flavour combo and the recipe definitely does work, so what are you waiting for? Make it, like, now ;)! The best part: You can even remove the panna cotta from the pudding mould and it holds together perfectly (WOOHOOO!!!). 

Preparation Time: about 30 minutes
Cooling Time: 1-3 hours
Makes: serves 6-8


2 cans (400ml each) of coconut milk
2 heaped tbsp of agar flakes (I used these)
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
4 tbsp maple syrup
3 tbsp organic super premium Green Leaf Matcha + extra for dusting/decorating
a handful of fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries or red currants are ideal)for decoration (optional)


Place the coconut milk and agar flakes in a saucepan, quickly combine with a spoon and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Then add the vanilla powder and over a medium to high heat, whisk the two ingredients together until fully combined and the agar flakes have completely dissolved. NOTE: The mixture needs to boil for the agar flakes to completely dissolve!  

Then over a low heat whisk continuously for another 10-15 minutes adding the maple syrup and matcha powder. Once done, remove from the heat and pour into your pudding moulds. I would recommend these

Pop them in the fridge to set and just before serving decorate as desired. Enjoy! (Keeps in the fridge for about 2-3 days).

Tip 1: You can half or double the recipe, depending on how many people you need to serve.
Tip 2: You can also use agar powder in place of flakes. I've never worked with powder before but it's my understanding it works exactly the same, only it dissolves a little quicker.
Tip 3: Though the addition of the berries is optional, I'd strongly recommend it. Their sweet tartness gives this dessert a fresh, summer twist.
Tip 4: As for removing the panna cotta from the mould - you can either use moulds (like the small, shallow ones you see in my images) where you can remove the tart base. This makes it SUPER easy to do. OR you can use the recommended anodised pudding moulds. You'd need to grease them with coconut oil before pouring in the panna cotta mixture to be able to easily remove the panna cotta from them and/or run under warm water before being able to take them out. Hope that makes sense.

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How to make Vegan Matcha and Coconut Panna Cotta with Green Leaf Matcha - The Little Plantation