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I have been teasing you for weeks (and loving it), but I finally wanted to share what’s been going on behind the scenes: I’ve starting my own PODCAST! It’s something I have been thinking about for so, so long and - with the support of my creative community, who also kept this secret safe and sound - as well as YOUR continued support and interest in me and my little plant-based food photography blog I finally felt brave enough to go for it.

The podcast is all about the things that I love and I KNOW you love too namely food, photography and social media and it’s called EAT CAPTURE SHARE - A podcast for food bloggers.

I want it to be as helpful and inspirational to YOU as possible whilst at the same time tackling issues around food, photography and social media that go a bit deeper and ask some bigger questions within the food and blogging space. I am committed to sharing my podcast platform with experts as well as important, lesser known voices whose message and insight deserve to be heard.

The first 3 (!) episodes are now LIVE including this introductory episode which you can find right here along with the show notes and links to episode 2 and episode 3.

Before I leave you I wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!! This podcast evolved because of YOUR belief in me. Forever grateful

P.S. Want to be sure never to miss a single episode? Then please subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts, stitcher, spotify or castbox tell a friend about Eat, Capture, Share or take a screenshot of the podcast and post it on instagram stories. It’s with your support that this podcast can reach the audience that will benefit the most from the content I create. Plus you’d kinda sorta make my day in the process ;).


In today’s podcast episode I talk about…

  • Introductions

  • Who the EAT CAPTURE SHARE podcast is for

  • What the EAT CAPTURE SHARE podcast is about

  • When the EAT CAPTURE SHARE podcast will be published and what its format and length will be

  • You can subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts or stitcher

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