How to start a baking blog with Historias del Ciervo - Eat, Capture, Share Podcast

In today’s episode (17) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with Julian Angel, baker extraordinaire, food photographer and the food blogger behind Historias del Ciervo. We talk about how he started his now super successful baking blog, how he learned to develop his voice and unique style and what it really took to leave his 9-5 job and pursue baking and blogging full-time. Here’s what else you can expect from today’s episode …

  • I explain why this episode is my most favourite to date and why Julian’s words moved me to tears

  • Julian introduces himself

  • Julian explains how he started his successful blog, Historias del Ciervo

  • We talk about creativity and what it looks like to explore all aspects of it

  • Julian outlines how he transitioned from his 9-5 to blogging and baking full-time

  • Julian describes the emotions cooking and baking evoke in him

  • We explore the beauty of baking’s precision

  • Julian shares what it really takes to become a master baker and we talk through the art of practice and dedication to one’s craft

  • Julian explains why failure is a necessary part of the process

  • We discuss how to find your style and tune into your inner voice

  • Julian talks about why positivity dominates his work and how focusing on the emotions he evokes in his audience guides his creative process

  • Julian names his primary influences and what sets their work apart

  • We explore why baking is so popular in the blogosphere and on instagram

  • Julian shares how he grew his instagram audience to over 250,000+ people!

  • We chat about the role of video on instagram, trying new things, being unique and swimming against the tide

  • Julian predicts where trends are moving in the food blogging and baking world

  • We discuss why your voice must be heard (hint: no one is YOU!)


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