How to write a cookbook - Eat, Capture, Share Podcast episode 12

In today’s BONUS episode (12) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with Ryan and Adam from the blog and instagram account Husbands that Cook. Ryan and Adam are passionate home cooks who turned their love of food into a full-time blogging career. They were nominated for the prestigious Saveur blog awards in 2016 which is the same year they were offered a cookbook deal. Their vegetarian cookbook also called Husbands that Cook, comes out in March 2019. In today’s podcast episode we talk all about their cookbook writing experience from start to finish. So if you dream of writing a cookbook, this episode is for you…

  • I talk about the excuses we make that stop us from achieving our dreams

  • Ryan and Adam introduce themselves

  • They talk about how they started their blog and how they named their blog

  • Ryan explains where his love for cooking comes from

  • Ryan and Adam share what food traditions they grew up with

  • The couple talk about their journey to vegetarianism

  • They explain how the Saveur Blog Awards helped them find their literary agent

  • Adam outlines how long it took them to write their cookbook proposal

  • Adam explains why it only takes one YES to make things happen

  • We talk about why it’s important to work with publishers who really ‘get’ you

  • The couple explain how their travels influenced their cookbook

  • Ryan and Adam share their top cookbook writing tip

  • Ryan explains why it’s SO important to write something you are passionate about

  • The couple outline their plan to promote the book and why this matters so much

  • Ryan shares his thoughts on how to stand out as a food blogger in today’s crowded space

  • Ryan and Adam state why they belief the person behind the food blog is just as important as his/her food


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