What are the biggest food trends on instagram in 2019 - Eat, Capture, Share Podcast episode 11

In today’s BONUS episode (11) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with the lovely Lauren Caris, food photographer, teacher and food blogger at That’s Sage and super sweet Joanie Simon, also a food photographer, teacher and food blogger over at The Bite Shot. We’ve come together to discuss THE biggest trends we see coming to food photography grids all across instagram in 2019. So if you wanna be prepared and get a head start on food trends and developments, this podcast is for you…

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  • I talk about the Winter instagram food photography challenge (find more details below)

  • Lauren Caris and Joanie Simon introduce themselves

  • We talk about the future of food blogging and how blog readership is changing

  • We discuss why video is still growing

  • Lauren and Joanie explain why starting a youtube channel may not be for everyone

  • We talk through the benefits of having a personal brand

  • We highlight why adding value and story telling is SO powerful

  • We say what we really think about IGTV and Instagram Stories

  • Lauren, Joanie and I express our views on plastic, sustainability and food blogging

  • Find out who is team colour and who is team neutral

  • We speak in depth about the future of podcasting

  • Lauren shares some exciting news

  • Joanie says why TODAY is the best day to start

  • Together we explore where we see the instagram grid and food styling trends going


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