How to manage self doubt on instagram - Eat, Capture, Share food blogger podcast

In today’s episode (5) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with the incredibly knowledgable Sas Petherick, self-doubt coach, mentor and researcher about managing self doubt as an online creative. We dig deeper into the following topics…

  • Sas introduces herself and talks about how she went from the corporate world to becoming a coach

  • Sas speaks about how our sense of self-doubt and risk are connected

  • Sas explains why self-doubt and comparison collide on instagram

  • She shares why she believes being on instagram is courageous

  • Sas talks about why we really care so much about being noticed and liked on instagram

  • She shares top tips on enjoying instagram whilst also protecting yourself against the trap of comparison

  • Sas discusses ideas on how to use instagram if you are a blogger or influencer

  • Sas explains why sharing more of YOU can help your instagram to grow and flourish

  • We chat about why instagram can be incredibly empowering

  • Sas shares tips on navigating the comparison trap and move from feelings of comparison to feelings of inspiration

  • We talk about why control and mindset matter!

  • Sas tackles the term INTENTION


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