Eat, Capture, Share food blogger podcast - Food photography Q&A with Kimberly of the Little Plantation

In today’s episode (6) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m answering 8 of YOUR most asked questions around food photography and styling….

  • I explain what camera and lenses I use and why I’ve changed my food photography gear over the years

  • I speak about buying a Canon camera over a Nikon and why I’ve not ruled out changing brands altogether

  • I share how my styling informed which lenses I use

  • I talk about the FREE food photography masterclass happening inside the creative community on November 22nd, 2018

  • I share where I find my food photography props and how I make my backdrops

  • I discuss how to go about getting a position assisting food photographers whose work you admire

  • I explain why attending a food photography workshop IS really, really worth it!

  • I talk about how to know whether and in-person workshop or an on-line course is best for YOU

  • I share my process when it comes to planning a shoot and explain why it’s so important when doing work for clients

  • I talk about where I find my inspiration and why Pinterest is invaluable

  • I share ideas around making your instagram photography look coherent

  • Why having a food photography portfolio is a good idea


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