Success beyond the food blog with Tara O’Brady - Eat, Capture, Share Podcast

In today’s episode (15) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with Tara O’Brady, food writer, TV host and author of the cookbook SEVEN SPOONS. We talk about how being a food blogging pioneer, loving the complexity of food and owning her profession, allowed Tara to develop a thriving career in food. Here’s what else you can expect from today’s episode …

  • I share my thoughts on gender, race and food in 2019

  • Tara introduces herself

  • Tara talks about how she started her blog over a decade ago and what the food blogging landscape was like at the time

  • Tara explains what it is about food that she’s most drawn to

  • Tara outlines how she got into writing freelance for food magazines

  • Tara describes her cooking style and notes why she doesn’t label food

  • We talk about why external pressures often lead to women of colour being pigeon-holed into cooking food of their cultural heritage only

  • We speak about how Tara will forever be connected to THAT chocolate chip cookie recipe

  • We explore what stories we are ‘allowed’ to tell as women of colour in food

  • We talk about the importance of adding something new to the food table

  • Tara discusses how her cookbook deal enabled her to move into TV

  • Tara shares her top tip on how to help people within the TV industry notice you and your work

  • Tara notes why she kept her identity private for the longest time and how moving into TV shaped the way people viewed her brand

  • We discuss why women in food are expected to share more of their private lives on social media

  • Tara explains where she sees the key difference between authenticity and trends

  • We chat about professional status, gender and food and how the three are interlinked

  • We delve deep into why food blogging is a multi-faceted, diverse, real labour-intensive profession

  • We talk about competition and pretences in the food blogging scene and the role social media has played in this phenomenon

  • Tara gives her predictions as to where things are moving within the food blogging space


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