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Welcome back to the fourth and last part (for now!) of the INSTAGRAM SERIES during which I've touched on topics such as why you are losing followers on instagram, the 3 real reasons your instagram account is not growing and instagram travel photography tips for beginners. This week we'll be looking at 5 simple ways to enjoy instagram despite the algorithms. Out of all the instagram tips I have shared on the blog so far, I'm most excited about this topic and hope you will be too...


You know that famous quote: ''Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.'' Well, if the algorithm's evil workings mean that no one can see what you're doing anyway, then go for it, be bold and create what you LOVE without needing to worry about what people will say or what people will think. It's pretty liberating. Plus once you let your creativity run free I betcha'll start taking prettier, more interesting and braver pictures!


Remember if it all goes a bit too wild and you 'regret' posting THAT shot, just delete it. No harm done!


What if you looked at instagram not just as a platform where you can share your work, where you can get approval in the form of likes and comments or where you can grow your following, but viewed it instead as a place where you can exercise kindness. (And with the current state of the world, we can all do with more kindness. Know what I mean?)

The concept of kindness can take lots of different forms. For example, you could partake in #featurefriday (or #followfriday) where you feature smaller accounts on your instagram gallery to give them a little boost. You can mention an instagrammer you like in your caption, which is what Christine AKA Conscius Cooking did with me (SO grateful). Or you might see that an instagrammer is going through a difficult phase – financially, personally, healthwise – leave a sweet comment, DM them words of support or send them a kind e-mail with helpful tips. Whatever you decide to do I promise it will make you feel better about being on instagram :).


If like me you use your instagram account for your business and don't feel comfy sharing other people's work on your gallery, then why not feature them on your instagram stories? Khoocollects recently did just that with me and I can tell you, it made my day! 

Simple ways to enjoy instagram - The Little Plantation


I know 'only' having 100 followers, 1000 or 10,000 instagram followers may not seem like much to you, but please look at where you were 1 month ago, 6 months ago or 1 year ago. Rather than focusing solely on what you haven't achieved, focus on what you HAVE achieved and show gratitude, like FOODBANDITS did in this ace instagram post

And if you've been practicing your photography for the last 12 months, please take the time to look at your pictures from way back then. You'll be amazed at how much better you are as a photographer. Something worth celebrating if you ask me!


Show appreciation to the followers that you have - no matter how few. Communicate with them, engage with them and most importantly create content that serves them as well as you. 


I hosted a 10-day free instagram challenge during the summer (of 2017) and the feedback I got again and again was how much people enjoyed participating because they felt part of a creative, supportive on-line community. 

Though you are welcome to sign up to my FREE 12-day instagram photography challenge (see sign up below or here), the reality is there are a 1000 ways to become a member of a real instagram community. Attend or host an instagram meet up, start a hashtag project, set up a creative on-line group (great example right here) etc. 


If you are planning on hosting an insta get-together (at your home or elsewhere), consider matters of safety too. Though I've personally only had good experiences it's still worth mentioning. So yeah, please don't give your address out just like that or find yourself meeting people at odd hours of the night in dodgy parts of town. Just sayin'. 

Simple ways to enjoy instagram - The Little Plantation


I know I sound like a broken record as I keep banging on about this, BUT, as I mentioned on the Mindful Creative Podcast a few months ago where I talked about all things instagram, instagram holidays are the BOMB! I mean think about it, if you aren't enjoying your yoga class anymore you stop going or find a new one, right?! If that magazine stopped making your heart skip a beat then you end your subscription. Why not apply the same tactics to instagram? Sure you don't need to be radical and throw in the towel all together (though of course you're very welcome to, but my guess is, if you're reading this, that's not your intention, is it?), but a little instagram detox can work wonders. 

As you know, I've been travelling for the last few weeks which meant that I was only able to check into instagram 1-2 a week fo 10 minutes max and I feel totally refreshed and soooo eager to get creative again and style those smoothie bowls like there's no tomorrow.


Just because you're not on instagram doesn't mean you can't continue to be creative. Take up knitting, sign up to that life drawing class or attend a macrobiotic cookery course. The sky's the limit!


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