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When I post a food photo on instagram I often get asked where I get my food photography props from. And seeing that this post all about sourcing food photography props for every budget is two years old now (!), I felt it was time to provide you with an update. 

Before I delve into today's blog post all about the best food photography props for food bloggers a few things for transparency - today's blog post is NOT for those just getting started and eager to buy cheap and cheerful food photography props and ceramics (for that please head here). There is nothing wrong with keeping a close eye on your wallet when you're thinking about making the move into food blogging and in fact I highly recommend you budget carefully at the start of your food blogging journey because it's very easy for things to get out of hand ;). 



Instead today is really about giving those of you who have been food bloggers for some time, an idea about how to up your food styling game. That's because I believe that having stunning food photography props DOES make a difference and WILL set you apart! So if you are serious and committed to invest in lovingly handmade ceramics that will help you stand out and take your food photography and food photos for instagram to the next level then this blog post is for you

Please rest assured that this is NOT a sponsored blog post. I am suggesting these ceramic artists because I admire their work, use and own their props OR am dying to buy their gorgeous plates, mugs, bowls and other food photography props.

Finally, with this blog post I was aiming to give not just food bloggers here in the UK but also food bloggers around the world LOTS of ideas on where to buy the BEST ceramic pieces available. As a result, the list was getting a tad too long (ooops) and so I have created a downloadable PDF with allll the ceramic artists I love. You can get your hands on that exclusive list by signing up to the mailing list at the end of this blog post. Right, enough chit chat, let's get stuck in, shall we?



1. AR CERAMICS - Not only am I incredibly lucky to own a handful of Andrea's gorgeous pieces (see image to the right (or below if you're on mobile), tiny two toned plate in the top right corner and speckled flat, white plate with earthy rim at the bottom of the image.

I have also had the opportunity to meet Andrea in person and hear her talk with great expertise and passion about making her ceramics. She's originally from Mexico but left her 9-5 to follow her heart and become a potter full-time right here in London.

Andrea is inspired by the colours of the earth meaning her pieces have a neutral tone and organic texture on which good food looks absolutely GREAT!

Where can I find food photography props in the UK - The Little Plantation
Where can I find food photography props

2. AYSE HABIBE KUCUK - Ayse is not only incredibly talented, she is also generous, kind and a totally wonderful person. I feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed not just because her pottery makes my food look the bomb (see that white plate top centre with the toast and fork on it?), but also because her energy lift me up and makes me happy.

Ayse has a style all her own, that includes delicate patters, inspired by her grandmother's embroidery and is very feminine and intricate. As Ayse hails from Turkey, she often exhibits her work there in addition to her current home town, London

3. JESSICA JOSLIN - Anyone who follows me on instagram KNOWS I am a total SUCKER for Jessica's work. I mean, not a day goes by where I don't use one of her beautiful bowls (all the bowls in the image to the right are hers!). It's just that her work is INCREDIBLE. Plus she's a pretty cool girlboss, which helps too ;).

Jessica is a master at throwing and teaches her craft in her studio in East London. Furthermore, she's in the process of opening her first shop where she'll display and sell her work (so exciting!). Do go check out her work here, if you need further convincing. 


For more UK based ceramic artists please join to the mailing list below and receive your downloadable PDF with lots more suggestions!

Best food photgraphy props in London



Where can I find food photography props

1. THE FREAKY RAKU - See the lovely raku plate at the bottom of this image to my left(or top if you're on mobile)? It's one of two pieces I own by Venice based raku artist Francesco. Raku is this crazy cool Japanese art form of making pottery resulting in pieces with lots of cool lines and patterns.

Although Fancesco is based in Italy, I know he ships internationally. Hence if you love subtle tones and raku style, you MUST check him out. 

2. TINA KAMI - Tina is based in Hamburg, Germany and because I don't own any of her pieces (yet!) I don't have an image to share with you :(. But she's top of my list and I'm eager to go and visit her shop in real life when I'm next in Germany. That' because her pieces look incredible! Rather than take my word for it, please check out her rustic, earthy, highly textured pieces on her instagram and on her website. See why I'm lusting after her ceramics?

3. TRI LUKNE - Another artist whose work I do not own, but would do anything for to add to my prop collection. Now all I have to do is get myself over to Slovenia. That's because these ceramic pieces are rustic, unique, with lots of blue tones thrown in for good measure and totally worth the trip across Europe! You can check out Tri Lukne's instagram gallery by click here and access the website by clicking here



1. FACTURE GOODS - Aron Fischer, the artist behind Facture Goods does not 'only' work with clay but also provides pieces made from wood and metal. His pieces are SUPER popular amongst food bloggers across the world because he ships worldwide from his studio in the USA and because he knows what works for food photography :). I have a few of his honey dippers (see the image to the right) and many of my food photography buddies own an array of his metal spoons (stunning!). You can see his work on his instagram gallery and also on his website. Enjoy!

2. COLLEEN HENNESSEY - If you are reading this and you really, really like me, then PLEASE buy me a ceramic bowl by USA based Colleen Hennessey? Thank you ;)! I must confess, she's on my top 3 ceramic artists whose work I desperately want to own list. I'd say her style is not that dissimilar to Jessica Joslin's style (mentioned above) - speckled, neutral tones often with matt finishes, which make them ideal for food bloggers eager to make their food shine. You can check our Colleen's work on her instagram gallery and also on her website

3. MIRO MADE THIS - I know nothing about this ceramic artist other than that I love her work SO much; looking at her pieces makes me a tiny bit weak at the knees. Seriously, so much beauty. Just like Colleen's work I have not had a chance to buy any of Miro's pieces because she too is based in the USA but I KNOW I will rectify this problem soon. You can check our Miro's gorgeous collection via her instagram gallery as well as her website

Where can I get the best food photography props?



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I will be taking a little blogging break until mid-April to focus on developing my on-line food photography and food styling course as well as the Spring/Summer instagram food photography challenge. Thank you for your patience during this time.

See you in a few weeks. Hugs, Kimberly